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It was a very sluggish deal until I just sat down and started learning HTML PHP and some mySQL basics. So now what i do is i subtract the data onto external which all don't need so much work put into like complete themes do. It's just to put raw concepts. Think of it as a playground.

gridview - a far cry from masonry grids it's a grid i use to quickly scan what's been going on on the 'official' blog.

desktop - using a simple menu and a responsive window i projected this onto a 'found notebook computer' concept. There was an installment of different computers all seemingly logging into the custom chatbot.

sideways gallery - using lots of things i don't normally do this layout is the typical one-page site that only points outwards, opening new tabs, preserving the page itself. Inserting the body texts not linking titles tags and all of the other generated pages.

sticky bar - this layout deploys six folders selected by rollover images featuring a menubar that will scroll and stick to the top. Initially to put textures and renders of Blender experiments next to each other.

Using these i manage just about enough code to have some idea as to where things are headed